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known this year is the air jordan 6 engraved Danian, so overwhelmed to see this air jordan 6 "60 / 40" shoe sample is again appropriate nevertheless. Shoes is 2010 production and unreleased sample shoes, in we are familiar with the air jordan 6 black and red color is very similar, lining and reversal in red white red in the end is the difference, the more worthy of attention is this shoe front part uses a textured leather, with is used suede leather, before and after the ratio should be is 60:40, so shoes is defined as air jordan 6 "60 / 40" estimation is so origin! attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information and all kinds of basketball. source: sneakernewswill be on sale in June 14th this Air Jordan 11 Low " Infrared; 23" the black patent leather and mesh fabric, collocation of white midsole and outsole blue crystal, using infrared color decorative details. ring Flanders race is one of the five classic, is also "the kingdom of bicycles" Belgium 100 cyclin Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale g events, the most important one, ring Flanders is known to long distance road stone, stone road climbing stage and changeable weather, playing time is usually in early April, this year is no exception, April 3, the 100th ring Flanders entered the countdown. to victory for the games the teams spare no effort, including Kan God, Sagan, fan & middot; avi Matt, Christopher and sprinters fully in place. Of course, referring to a word "you must work very hard to look effortless", once in Huanfu landers won three championships Brent will also lead the team to go on an expedition, the match is about to begin, pragmatic walked ahead of the track ran again, accomplish know fairly well. Of course, stone road is still the same theme, look at the quick step team training photos. is his bicycle industry out of the big legs, 1 meters high 92 Stiba Toni · Martin's trip with a lot of luggage how to prevent the rabbit in a large number of short distance steep escape is all the favorites to win the drivers to consider the issue of test circuit to try out a high specification this stone uphill is fanatical fans gather, but also attack a little very goodApril Flemish rebirth, a charming country is a major part of the game than the s Cheap foamposites for sale pring quick step team full of idol route, try to track a new height of was in South Bendopened a steady lead south train The team coach Tom · Steer J in the side of supervision is located in Flanders in northern Belgium and Holland at the junction of the windmill, everywhere via style townStiba and Nicky - one in this intoxicating stone road pull industrious quick step team competition will have what kind of tactics and performance, rainy or sunny will to the game brings how different style of the picture, in more than 250 km of mixed pavement sprint offensive and defensive players of the war to launch, the 100th ring Flanders worth waiting period.Nike Air Max 90 Premium new color release 2014-02-24 21:00:34 sports brand Nike before the date of its classic Nike Air; Max 90 added a new color, shoes with a deep blue suede material covering the shoe body with the same color Swoosh, very texture. In addition, the designer still in the bottom half of the tongue and into the apple green embellishment, which contrasts with the shoe body. It is learnt that this new color matching Nike Air Max 90 Premium will be on the shelves in the near future, like friends can pay attention to. Saint Alfred x Cheap jordans online New Balance M1500 joint shoes appreciation 2014-02-24 21:00:12Not long ago, sports brand New Balance teamed up with Chicago shop Saint Alfred, launched a M1500; branded shoes, shoes with eye-catching red shoes as the main body, with a large red suede material with breathable mesh surface, and the shoe body also lined with dark red leather fabrics show superior texture. In addition, the shoes are also equipped with white midsole and natural rubber outsole, with clear visual hierarchy. It is reported that this joint work will be released this weekend at Saint Alfred and the designated stores.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics YORK, July 13 afternoon, Nike's NBA superstar Kevin - Durant's basketball trip to open in Shanghai, nearly ten high school students from Shanghai's first close-feel NBA superstar style, in addition to have the opportunity to give KD's words and deeds, more direct dialogue NBA's youngest scoring. In the camp, Durant NBA star show is different from the general low-key style and simple, not too many cheers and greetings, KD came to the training ground to pick up basketball on their own initiative, in that the needs of small Professor The player's technical movements, Adu began meticulous jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black presentation, a dribble shot, dribble twice shot, the ball after the pull-up jumper and threes and so on, more commendable is that most of the technical action in addition to the demo Ends left for the other side will be fit again KD demonstration, training is not so much to teach small players, like China in order to grasp his own line clearance valuable training time. The last part of the camp is a small player Durant answered the question, thunder when it comes to treatment of different core team mentality admitted that he prefers to play strong teams, whether the Heat or Lakers, who head-on competition, it is already began to look forward; in training on how to attack the problem, KD said he was often in the offseason training, and constantly explore new means of attack of their own, and cast out selective during the season. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)??????free walk plus women u s Peace on earth x canvas sign holiday decor Christmas decor Christmas signs holiday signs let there be peace on earth home decor by ADEprints on Etsy https www etsy com listing peace on earth x canvas sign holiday silver bracelet charm wow Cos players un cheap jordans known walk plus women u s Peace on earth " /〉 air max love Canvas quote never chase anything but drinks and by kismetcanvas shoes air jordan Superman by John Byrne free walk plus women u s Peace on earth x canvas sign holiday decor Christmas decor Christmas signs holiday signs let there be peace on earth home decor by ADEprints on Etsy https www etsy com listing peace on earth x canvas sign holiday Hello, I am your old friend Xiao Di, today to give you the introduction of this shoe is in the series of Jordan early works, Joe is considered to be the most beautiful appearance of a shoe, smooth, high and extends from the soles of the radioactive arc coupled with the help of the No. 23 Jordan created the 5 generation of unusual appearance. and the corresponding shape, the inner content of science and technology of this shoe has also been greatly improved. In order to promote the NIKE lightweight sports shoes, shoes on the side of the mesh cloth instead of leather. In addition, the forefoot flex grooves for the first time to join the air cushion, increase its flexibility. In addition, NIKE increase in the thickness of the bottom, the cushioning rubber outsole translucent, increased grip. vamp still use a part of network design, the position than Jordan 4 closer to the sole material is also more robust, less impact on the side support. This pair of eye-catching appearance of high-tech sports shoes, for four consecutive years to become a strong pillar made scoring title of Jordan. Jordan 5 Jordan once again set off a wave of buying shoes, most of the fans in the sale area ahead of a night long queues. Jordan 5 generation not only in the United States and Canada in North America, has aroused strong repercussions in Asia, Japan, South Korea and Philippines and other places have become a sensation, Jordan fans of the boutique. Jordan 5 in the sole use of the transparent rubber material, the film is "back to the future" in the future 2 shoes made of, he can play high grip. Figure AJ5: on footNo wonder that is the AJ series will buy shoes, American Mustang flame graffiti, 3M reflective tongue huge, shoes side of the large area air and transparent rubber outsole... ... when your brother said you don't know AJ, please tell him, are you going to buy this year's AJ5-Blue Suede....In order to continue to skateboarding focused, the United States footwear brand SUPRA recently launched a new running shoes to serve as inspiration and performance based skateboard shoes Hammer Run. The money to skaters Jim Greco's signature skateboard shoes Hammer as the blueprint of the skateboard shoes keep low cylinder and streamline shape, and the shoe body material selected to compose the lightweight and breathable mesh fabric; comfortable EVA SUPRAFOAM midsole with thickening of the collar of the shoe, for providing a full slip sense and protection. Now the Hammer Run will launch more skateboard shoes to see a black texture and print version of paragraph two, plan this fall landed the designated retailers, more relevant content can go to SUPRA's website inquiries. supra-hammer-run-1.jpg (82.83 KB, download number: 0) download SUPRA Drops The Hammer Run 2014-7-29 13:37 upload supra-hammer-run-2.jpg (77.09 KB, download number: 0) download SUPRA Drops The Hammer Run 2014-7-29 13:37 SUPRA Drops, Hammer upload, Run 00The launch of Adidas Originals, the new ZX Fall of the Wall 8000 color series, with Germany as inspiration to the Berlin wall, published a set of three new color design. The Berlin wall was built in 1961, 155 km long, divided east and West Berlin Berlin, is a landmark building in the cold war conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union caused by. However, with the development of the situation in the future, the East German government announced on 1989 to allow citizens to apply for access to West Germany and West Berlin, and the Berlin wall are therefore forced to open, then a few weeks more people began to cut the Berlin wall as a souvenir, until 1990, the German government has finally officially decided to dismantle the Berlin wall, the end of the Socialist Unity Party *, is also the reunification of Germany opened the door. As the collapse of the Berlin wall in 25th anniversary this year, rooted in Germany's Adidas Originals decided as the subject of creation, as ZX's 8000 new color. The theme of this series will be available in November 9th. adidas-originals-zx-8000-fall-of-the-wall-pack-1.jpg (99.37 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Fall of the Wall 2014-10-14 11:52 upload adidas-originals-zx-8000-fall-of-the-wall-pack-2.jpg (89.16 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Fall of the Wall 2014-10-14 11:52 upload adidas-originals-zx-8000-fall-of-the-wall-pack-3.jpg (109.52 KB, download number: 0) download adidas Originals ZX 8000 Fall of the Wall 2014-10-14 11:52 upload Adidas 00