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It is reported that the new series has landed apparel brand online store, like a friend might go to buy.Nike Air Max Lunar90 "Suit & Tie" series of commercially available information 2014-09-04 12:23:06 had to introduce the Nike's Nike Air Max Lunar90 shoes innovation is modeled to create "suit& Tie" series, we ushered in the day before the sale of the second wave of the information of color, color design and the continuation of the former style, the color of choice is more mature, with a dark and calm color as the main color, in the bottom of the Lunarlon air cushion with white, it is reported that in September 5th is expected to be commercially available, love friends then you can look at. Jordan Spizike "Black History Month" limited sale 2013-12-08 22:52:38, this year to p air jordan 11 space jam for sale roduce a Jordan Spizike Black History Month shoes series. Spizike is a vibrant and stylish shoes, with translucent outsole in dark blue and light green color of the shoes. And add special edition printing on the insole, printed with Michael Jordan, Mars Blackmon and Carmelo Anthony constitute a unique insole. Shoes are printed with " BHM" logo, like friends can expect the coming of next month, this is limited style.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2004, Nike in China market growth rate reached 66 percent, more and more Chinese people to wear Nike; the same year, Li Ning's turnover has been growing steadily, reaching 1.878 billion yuan. 10 years, Nike markets its efforts to promote the localization strategy in China, from the most basic to start cultivating the target consumer group, although suffered a lot of setbacks, but still tough and focused; 10 years of development, Li Ning in China's mainland The first sports brand on the occasion, but in full swing started international brand. One is the Chinese local boss, is a global leader, two orders of magnitude disparity enterprises, will be targeted at the Chinese market, and are determined to win, an electro-optical flint-like passion collision seems to be at hand. But the boss fights between the two did not happen, replaced by an unexpected security dipped. Nike grassroots penetration and dream dress: International brand penetration grassroots sports crowd, at the top of the pyramid is a national sports teams, followed by professional athletes, sports enthusiasts Then, the bottom of the average consumer. Follow this rule, Nike established a promotion model of a pyramid, its core is the "professional sports market to guide the mass market." Nike founder Knight had a dream: "China has two billion feet, we want them to have to wear Nike!" To this end, Nike will dress themselves into a lifestyle evangelist. Nike is not the sale of shoes, only marketing emotion. Nike Shanghai secondary schools to make a donation, so that students can play basketball after school in the school playground. Sort of action soon by the Chinese people's response: Nike's sales grew by 60% in a year. With the rise of China's middle class, the Chinese people's desire for freedom and individuality have become stronger. Promote cultural, emotional marketing Nike just match up. 2004 year, Nike's sales in China grew by 66 percent, or about $ 300 million. In addition, Nike store at a rate of 1.5 per day expansion in the Chinese market. However, in the Chinese market, Nike is still experiencing an unavoidable dilemma: its main sales come from the economically developed eastern regions. Nike, in the underdeveloped central and western regions, how is followed by one of the "infiltration" of the play, is the question they must consider. Li Ning: local hero dream dress Li Ning company has a good start in the Chinese market. Early start, its long-term annual growth rate of Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale more than 100%, in 2001, when its sales reached 700 million yuan, only 300 million yuan, Nike, Adidas is only 100 million yuan. From 1997 to 2002, Li Ning has maintained a continuous six years of Chinese market share in the first. China intensified market competition, Li Ning company realized that in order to become China's first, you must become an international brand. To this end, Li Ning Company internationalization, specialization identified as its strategic goals, and to develop the first international brand, then the international market strategy. In line with international brand strategy, in the second half of 2003, Li Ning brand promotion axis turning high-end market, the promotion of the bull's-eye is also turned to national sports teams. This is undoubtedly its specialization put forward higher requirements. In fact, Li Ning company has already embarked on a road of specialization: in 1998, the company established a local company first garment and footwear product design and development center; in 1999, in cooperation with SAP AG, the introduction of AFS solutions for clothing and footwear to become China's first ERP implementation sporting goods business. Beginning in 2004, Li Ning, the company launched a professional football, basketball, tennis, running and other products. According to the evaluation results Chinese University of Hong Kong shows that these specialty products in the various technical indicators, compared with the international top-brand products have been comparable. Professional international brand image will undoubtedly further enhance the competitiveness of Li Ning products. In 2004, sales of Li Ning products reached 1.878 billion yuan. In 2004, Li Ning, the company officially listed for trading on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, which is an IPO of China's first sporting goods company. After the success of the listing, Li Ning Company can undoubtedly firmer, more calmly on the specialization and internationalization of the road. Comments: do international brands alone, "Made in China" image of the product is unable to achieve this dream. Entering the high-end Li Ning did not feel obvious "acclimatization", his "Nike-style" tactics to promote the high-end market successfully curb the momentum of rapid development, Nike, Adidas, and also an occasion to differentiate the tightening step followed Anta, Reebok and other second-tier "stubborn" forces. Obviously, this nifty "kite turning over," is to keep in mind the hearts of investors. Li Ning, the company's office from sports stars in the halo and the fog came the difficult but finally gradually matured. The essence of local sports stars vs international team competition between enterprises, in some ways is the competition between people speaking. Nike and Li Ning differences in employing the principle, is the real reason for the two different styles of business. Nike: Sports provider of sports fans by Ni jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ke 40% of employees less than 30 years, the enterprise is located, like the campus, they noon time movement in the "campus" in two hours, and then work until evening. Knight said of his employment principle: first love sports, then was broken in the old rules of business conduct. They hired a lot of really keen on sports staff, so Nike always able to accurately recognize the law of development of sports industry, which made a lot of the right product and its positioning. Nike in China hired a lot of retired professional athletes as a professional manager, to provide professional services to athletes. Li Tong is such a typical example. Liu Xiang Nike contract and hired its success as an advertising spokesman, Li Tong is Huiyanshizhu worship. Nike commercials cooperation with Liu Xiang told all Chinese people: "Nike know what you proud!" This should be the best strategy for Nike localization summary. Li Ning: International Reconstruction Team as a fast-growing local companies, 15 years, Li Ning not only had the joy of rapid growth, but also experienced all sorts of pain. Subject to slow the development of Chinese sports economy, a serious lack of domestic industry both familiar and familiar professional talent. Therefore, after the introduction of an international baptism of mature professional managers, it would be the only option Li Ning Company. Li Ning Company has access road construction from Coca-Cola, the terminal building is very strong professional managers, have store management from the Baleno, for retailing very mature professional managers. In the field of finance, human resources, and Li Ning, the company also invited from outside more than a million annual salary of four director-level cadres, they come from different industries. In addition, the Li Ning Company is also active in various fields to expand cooperation with international companies: Leo Burnett hired world-renowned company helped draft the new brand awareness programs; hired PricewaterhouseCoopers to do the company's overall strategic planning; introduced include Singapore National investment companies, including international investment company, to promote the company's international management thinking; hired BNP Paribas Peregrine as financial advisor ...... Since then, media reports, Li Ning Company is & nbsp; spend 186 million pounds (about RMB 26.5 under its adjuvant billion) acquisition of British veteran sports business Umbro. So far, Li Ning has basically completed the formation of an international chariot. Comments: Alibaba's Jack Ma has done such as Li Ning, which he described himself as if to do so is the 747 engine fitted to the tractor, the results do tractor almost falling apart. Fortunately, Li Ning, the company did not produce such a result. Nike can rely on single-handedly promote the localization of the Chinese market, but under enormous pressure to survive they have to rely on Li Ning exter cheap jordans nal forces in order to achieve their internationalization. Comparison of brand personality consumer surveys, the survey results will be Li Ning brand of invisible injury exposed: the target consumer blurred. Li Ning, the company's target consumers are located: between the ages of 14 to 28 years old, student-oriented, medium-sized cities, like sports, advocating trendy fashion and international trends. But the real purchasing Li Ning Sports Goods but core consumer ages between 18 to 45 years, living in two cities, middle-income, not "sports of heavy consumers." Brands in danger of being forgotten. Brand loyalty is the consumer of worship Li Ning's generation, the new generation of chasing fashion, Li Ning & nbsp; there is a generation gap brand. Brand personality is not clear. In the eyes of consumers, Li Ning brand personality is a "affinity, ethnic, sports, honor," Li Ning is not struggling in recent years to create a "young, fashion, sports." Brand connotation of being severely diluted. Li Ning's product line continues to expand, make it difficult to figure out what his "flagship product" is. More products will allow consumers could not figure out, "Li Ning" in the end is what the concept. "Wall Street Journal" brand Li Ning had thrown cold water, it is a swing in the "leisure" and "movement" between "two five earners", it is higher than Nike, Adidas such international brand of professional technical difference a chip off than Anta, High Grade Reebok brand position so popular that it has been between the "leisure" and "movement" hesitant. At the same time, strong national complex and obscure brand, Li Ning has become the biggest obstacle to the international brand. As a world champion, Li Ning, who carries too many national color and patriotic feeling. For this reason, in recent years, Li Ning has rarely appeared in the media, in order to minimize the personal brand of corporate brand side effects. In addition, Li Ning company around a new generation of consumers to create a brand image gradually clear up. Li Ning, the company hired international advertising company Leo Burnett helped draft the new brand awareness program, targeted at high-class Chinese young people and teenagers. This generation is mainly to participate in sports activities for entertainment and leisure purposes and not race. To this end, Li Ning, the company also launched a new advertising slogan:. "Anything is possible" Li Ning, the company's direction has been recognized by consumers. CCTV held "2005CCTV my favorite Chinese brand" selected activities, Li Ning brand is the only one selected sports brand Nike: Chinese Context Nike reshape the image of the minds of consumers in China is the coolest brand. It is the most popular cultural experience in China, Nike, personalized, creative, dynamic, vibrant and leisure, and other basic values. So Nike high barriers not only sales, but the achievements in the Chinese ma jordan 3 katrina 2018 rket a unique brand value --- cultural identity. In 1999, Nike launched low-priced sports products in the Chinese market, but the price-cutting strategy has not only failed to open up new consumer markets, but to make the original high-priced products has been widely questioned, Nike had to quickly withdraw troops Ming Jin, instead consolidate the high-end market. After losing price-cutting strategy, Nike is also aware of it as a brand in the minds of Chinese consumers unique cultural status and symbolic function. In recent years, Nike to further expand the sports marketing model and range, put a lot of celebrity endorsements, advertising, publicity and personalized fashion brand philosophy, brand core value to its plus points. Li Ning: Swing in April 2001, Li Ning Company please Gallup company for it to do a comprehensive review between leisure and sport: consumers that "Li Ning" like them around a distinctive character is not a friend, that he was very cordial, very familiar with, but it is the lack of a distinct personality. Nike's brand personality is certainly distinctive, but in their efforts to realize the localization of the Chinese market, due to the mentality of the Chinese culture to grasp inaccurate, also met with the new Chinese puzzle. It gave birth to the ancient civilization of the Chinese nation in the Yellow River, which created the Chinese people advocate gentle subtle character, and to promote virtue and charity, the weak and poverty alleviation moral values. The Western civilization nurtured oriented & nbsp; the sea Greece, so Westerners believe in survival of the fittest culture, philosophy of survival of the fittest competition. Eastern and Western National accurately grasp the mentality of different cultures, will be Nike and Li Ning whether dipped success, to further clarify the key to their own brand image. Sports marketing strategies of the major sports brand "Central Plains" of the battlefield, but sports marketing needs of enterprise brand positioning, corporate culture, management style, their own characteristics and the combination of sports events. Nike: Nike minimal investment rising star sponsoring sporting events, but it's brand exposure but never less than others. Nike brand exposure just a small part of all the work to maintain long-term contact with the athletes is much more important. Nike Chinese company has two marketing department, a brand marketing, a sports marketing department, responsible for advertising the former public affairs, which main job is to serve signing players. Liu Xiang year contract that is due to movement marketing manager Li Tong's recommendation. Since 2003, Nike began to Liu Xiang, opened a "special treatment", including arrangements to attend a number of activities to meet the clothing, equipment, special requirements, especially when sent people to go abroad during the game, accompanied by Liu Xiang, to help deal with a variety of services, almost the equivalent of Role half broker. August 24, 2004, participated in the Olympic hurdler Liu Xiang, the day before the team preliminaries, Liu Xiang Nike ad theme began playing in the national and international editions with Nike ads evenly divided over the time period; from the 27th, all put Liu Xiang Nike ad ; August 28, Liu Xiang made a sensational championship, this time, people are not impressed by the vision and courage of Nike. In fact, at the Athens Olympics, Nike-sponsored China has 24 national team, the Chinese team won 32 medals, the Nike-sponsored athletes belonging to 12. Nike is the only company willing to invest in the future of the company. Nike most willing to do, to do the most good is to develop stars of tomorrow. Not a pure sport turn into a business, contract money trouble, but to create opportunities to develop stars. Nike original size of small companies do now, is because he insisted on doing so. Li Ning: devious tactics of many local companies under pressure to find the spokesperson of purpose, all want their products quickly on star power level to move in order to promote sales. Li Ning Company is also true. With this pressure, & nbsp; Li Ning Gradually the focus of marketing to focus on sports marketing, sponsorship is the primary means: the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Li Ning sportswear been Standard equipment Chinese athletes. Li Ning, the company also perennial sponsor of the Chinese table tennis team, gymnastics team, shooting team, diving teams. In 2001, Li Ning, the company's first overseas image of the shop was established in Santander, Spain; September 2002, Li Ning Company to participate in the 14th World Women Basketball Women's Basketball Championship in Spain provides the game service. Li Ning, the company continued to increase its sports marketing efforts and scale, and further accelerate the process of internationalization of the brand. More than ten years, Li Ning spent doing a variety of events brought 150 million yuan, but because there is no matching funds into the budget, promotion of sponsorship system after the difficult start, so that the input-output ratio is not ideal. To compensate for this deficiency, Li Ning 1:3 internationally accepted reference standards, and to invest after the sponsor supporting the promotion funds. Learning to Nike, Li Ning brought his center of gravity made some adjustments, started to increase the intensity of cooperation with the star athlete. January 2005, Li Ning Company to become NBA strategic partner, acquired the right to use NBA players do branding. Reviews: Nike investment rising star Li Ning model is worth learning. They discovered before the Athens Olympic Games, Liu Xiang, China now has signed the most hope for the future to enter the NBA rookie Yi Jianlian. Li Ning's international efforts, the effect is still limited. In order to meet the current situation in Western society respected personal hero, Li Ning seems to be more attention focused on the discovery and development of star players full commercial value. China is a huge market, has great room for growth in the market, attention Nike and Li Ning in the Chinese market the wrong car, we can accurately grasp the pattern of future world sporting goods market. The two eldest have committed many mistakes. However, a great company is great, is not due to its continued success, but it can be when confronted with difficulties and setbacks still loves to keep, and ultimately self-transcendence. A beat to death the company more than a large company value of existence. If there is no comparison, the results of 10 years of Li Ning Li Ning gained sufficient comfort temples of white hair. But put on the global sports economy platform, Li Ning and even dangerous, because an industry capable of generating opportunities for international brand is limited. And now, this opportunity did not increase, but is less and less. Fortunately, Li Ning have a chance. They are now the only international brand "Weiweijiuzhao", aiming to consolidate the position in the Chinese market. At present, the Li Ning Company internationalization is becoming increasingly concentrated, listing also good for building an international financing platform, in cooperation with the international companies are increasingly frequent. In the near future, Li Ning will not be satisfied with merely make an international brand, and will do the international market. At that time, Li Ning and Nike will no longer just a competition for the Chinese market. Li Ning said that China would not do Nike, Li Ning, the world do. However, in the process of internationalization, Li Ning to keep in mind: only to become China's Li Ning, Li Ning in order to become the world. & Nbsp;Nike this season, the launch of the new Solarsoft Costa High, which extends out from the Nike Solarsoft Costa double tube high shoes, still using the network to create material uppers, Solarsoft outsole soft texture will overall wearing comfort. It is reported that the shoes have been sold in Caliroots. source: hypebeast new summer preview / Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse version / Adidas Crazy 1 "Playoffs" reviews the last article on : summer new preview / Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse next: Playoffs / Crazy Adidas 1 play shoes is a kind of knowledge, when are you going to buy a new pair of shoes, you will look at it with the appearance, quality, technology, price and so on will buy, integrated the above requirements is often on the market a good reputation, for many years of big brands. But there is another Sneaker heads early adopters of love they will find on the market, some of the little-known brand Brand black, have you heard of it? In the editorial Title Selection conference, this topic, everyone actually said in unison, did not hear, it seems that I would like to introduce some of the unpopular shoes on the market for everyone to know and understand! Brandblack who let me know Brand Black this sport brand recruits? The Losangeles Clippers' best sixth man Jamal Crawford, even if he is already 33 year old NBA veteran, Crawford's elegant dribbling and ultra nerve three point ball still has many fans for him. When I learned that he signed a sports brand called Brand Black, I began to pay attention to it. Founded by David Raysse and creative director Billy Dill, he focuses on the integration of innovative technology and fashion styling as a design concept. the first wave of sports shoes has brought a strong impact to the Sneaker head, Crawford's first signature shoe vamp called J.Crossover, three-dimensional rhombic design is very loud and lightweight Jetlon midsole and outsole so your feet in a full range of super flexible state. Personally, it's perfectly safe to wear J.Crossover to deal with our usual basketball game, and it can also reduce the shoe collision rate! In addition to basketball shoes, Brandblack also has its own clothing lines, mainly sports based clothing. This sweater is very good in Alleycat. general, Brandblack shoes look beautiful, but the higher offer price ($140) or early adopters of friends stopped, the average price of a large shopping site in 1200+RMB, so that the price of a pair of J.Crossover can catch Nike high-end LBJ or KOBE price. After all, after all, most people are reluctant to try to buy shoes that they don't understand, so Brandblack wants to do it with big stars and hype. 1 〉nike-lebron-11-id-release-date-11.jpg (174.86 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-9-26 20:59 upload nike-lebron-11-id-release-date-14.jpg (65.51 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-9-26 20:59 upload The nike-lebron-11-id-release-date-07.jpg (96.32 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-9-26 20:59 upload nike-lebron-11-id-release-date-03.jpg (135.33 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-9-26 20:59 upload nike-lebron-11-id-release-date-10.jpg (89.69 KB, download number: 0) 11_201001140226231k1Nq.jpg (62.9 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-14 08:47 upload 11_201001140226232KcHr.jpg (96.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-14 08:47 upload 11_201001140226233SB99.jpg (66.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-14 08:47 upload 11_201001140226234sW8V.jpg (48.46 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-14 08:47 upload 11_2010011402262354w9B.jpg (143.07 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-1-14 08:47 upload